Recorded author readings can be found in the Expo and Authors section of StokerCon 2021on Hopin. Use the “Author Readings” tag to see all author readings in alphabetical order by first name or use the “Author Reading” alpha tags to see them grouped by last name. Live readings are listed in Sessions on Hopin. ALL TIMES ARE GIVEN IN EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST). Please adjust accordingly and check the schedule in Hopin, which will adjust for your time zone.


Guest of HonorSession TypeDate/Time
Maurice BroaddusRecordedOn Demand in Expo and Authors
Silvia Moreno-GarciaLiveMay 22, 3 p.m. EST
Joe LansdaleLiveMay 21, 4 p.m. EST
Seanan MaguireLiveMay 21, 6 p.m. EST
Lisa MortonLiveMay 20, 5 p.m. EST
Steve Rasnic TemRecordedOn Demand in Expo and Authors


The following authors provided a recorded reading, available on-demand in the Expo and Authors section of StokerCon 2021 on Hopin.

 Alan Baxter Gordon B. White Mercedes Yardley
 Amy Grech Greg Chapman Michael Arnzen
 Andy Davidson Gwendolyn Kiste Michael Cieslak
 Angela Yuriko Smith Holly Lyn Walrath Mort Castle
 Anna Taborska J. Ashley-Smith Naching Kassa
 Anton Cancre J. Rocky Colavito Nathan Carson
 Brenda Tolian James Chambers Nicole Willson
 Britannic Zane Jeff Oliver Nikki Nelson-Hicks
 Carina Bissett Jeff Strand Pamela K. Kinney
 Carol Gyzander Jessica York Patricia Lillie
 Catherine Lundoff Jo Kaplan Peter Sutton
 Christa Carmen John F.D. Taff Rhonda Garcia
 Christi Nogle Joseph VanBuren Ryan Aussie Smith
 Cynthia Pelayo Joule Zelman Sam Knight
 David Cowen Joy Yehle Sara Tantlinger
 Derek Austin Johnson Kaaron Warren Sarah Read
 Diana Rodriguez Wallach Kate Maruyama Scott Edelman
 Donna Munro Kyla Lee Ward Steven Van Patten
 Elizabeth Hirst L. Marie Wood Teel James Glenn
 EV Knight Larry Hinkle Tim Waggoner
 Frank Coffman Lee Forman TJ Tranchell
 Gaby Triana Lee Murray Todd Keisling
 Garrett Boatman Marianne Halbert Tori Eldridge
 Geneve Flynn Meghan Arcuri Travis Heermann

“Reading was my escape and my comfort, my consolation, my stimulant of choice: reading for the pure pleasure of it, for the beautiful stillness that surrounds you when you hear an author’s words reverberating in your head.” ― Paul Auster, The Brooklyn Follies

For readers, there is nothing quite as magical as hearing a story or poem told in the author’s own voice, to have those words ‘reverberate in your head’, allowing the listener to gain some insight into the writer’s intent for a character or understanding of the intended pacing and atmosphere.

For those interested in presenting a reading at StokerCon®2021, all readings this year must be prerecorded with the possible exception of the Guests of Honor. If you would like a reading slot, make sure to indicate that on your programming survey response. You received a link to this survey in the welcome email sent when you registered. Only registered StokerCon attendees may submit a reading.

Since they are pre-recorded, attendee readings will be available on-demand throughout the convention.

Reading segments should be fifteen minutes with a maximum length of twenty minutes. Any readings longer than twenty minutes will be declined. This is due to practical limitations on file size and processing time.

In the coming weeks, we will send instructions to registered attendees on the method by which you can submit your reading.

Forward any questions to Brian Matthews at [email protected].