StokerCon 2021 Volunteer Sign Up

October 1st through December 31st

StokerCon 2021 has need for a limited number of volunteers for our convention in Denver, Colorado, May 20 – 23, 2021. If you are interested on volunteering, please send the following information to [email protected]:


Email Address

Have you volunteered at a StokerCon before? 

Can you commit to eight hours of volunteer work at the convention?

Are you local to Denver?

Anticipated dates of arrival at and departure from the convention.

The information will be forwarded to the StokerCon 2021 Chairs and the Volunteer Coordinator, who will choose the volunteers. Everyone who submits a request will be notified by email if they are chosen or not.

Please refer to the StokerCon 2021 Volunteer Policy for more detailed information.

StokerCon™ 2021 Volunteer Policy

There are many opportunities to lend a helping hand at StokerCon. In fact, we rely on volunteers to run everything from our registration desk to the pitch sessions to the author readings, and we’re grateful for all those who offer their assistance. While there are often chances to volunteer as needed at the convention, we are also looking for a small number of dedicated volunteers willing to commit several hours per day. Those interested in this are encouraged to read the following policy and apply for a volunteer position.

  • Each StokerCon will have a finite number of approved volunteer positions.
  • The number of positions will be posted on the StokerCon website, as soon as it is feasible.
  • Anyone wishing to function as an approved volunteer must apply via the StokerCon website. Once the HWA receives a specific number of applications, the HWA reserves the right to close the application process, without advanced notice, until each applicant can be reviewed. The HWA may reopen the application process if, after reviewing the applicants, volunteer positions remain available.
  • Applicants will be reviewed by the Volunteer Chair(s) and the StokerCon Chair(s). All applicants will be notified via email if they have been chosen or not. Once the number of volunteer positions have been filled, the HWA will close the application process and post on the StokerCon website that the volunteer positions have been filled.
  • If you are chosen as a volunteer, you will be required to perform eight hours of service during the convention. In appreciation of your volunteer service, the HWA will comp your basic registration for that StokerCon. Banquet tickets are not included in this agreement.
  • If you are not chosen as a volunteer, the HWA will allow you to register for the convention at the price point in effect when you applied for a volunteer position.
  • The HWA is a volunteer organization. We welcome anyone who wishes to help in the success of the organization and its members. If you wish to volunteer during a StokerCon and you are not an approved volunteer, you may do so. However, you will not receive a refund of your registration cost. There will be no exceptions to this rule.